Removal of gull nests is under way

A campaign to tackle urban gulls in parts of Bath and Midsomer Norton is underway, Bath & North East Somerset Council has said.

Buildings in the wards of Abbey, Kingsmead, Newbridge, Twerton, Westmoreland, and Widcome, along with the former Welton Bibby site in Midsomer Norton, will be treated in the coming weeks.

Council-owned buildings in Bath city centre will also receive free roof treatments.

The council has allocated £57,000 to tackle the gull problem in 2017/18, along with additional support from the Bath Business Improvement District.

Last year saw 1,150 eggs and 469 nests removed.

Norfolk-based NBC Environment has been contracted to carry out this work on behalf of the council.

The council said that the roof treatments are part of a series of measures being put in place to tackle the gull problem. There will also be further work encouraging people to keep the streets clear of litter and waste.

As part of the project, the council is also working with University of the West of England and Middlesex University to carry out research into gull behaviour.

Council officers are working with behavioural ecology and psychology students to map and track the behaviour of the gulls as they interact with their food sources and nesting sites.

Divisional director for environmental services at Bath & North East Somerset Council, Martin Shields, said: “The council is taking steps to try to reduce the number of gulls using a range of measures including removing nests and eggs.

“But we need the community to work with us and prevent the birds from being attracted into particular areas.

“We would remind people to only put their rubbish out on the day of collection and those who have gull-proof sacks to use them for their rubbish. We would also ask people not to leave litter or food scraps around which can be eaten by the gulls. By working together to keep our streets clean and tidy, we can reduce the problem and ensure the area remains attractive to visit and enjoy.”

Members of the public who notice gulls nesting on their roofs can contact the council’s contractor for a free treatment.

You can find out more information on the Bath & North East Somerset Council’s website.