Palace cygnets named after competition

Eight newborn cygnets have been named at The Bishop’s Palace in Wells.

A palace spokesperson said that this year’s baby swans – the first of which was born at the end of April – have all been given new monikers following a competition.

Over 100 entries were submitted, with some coming from afar afield as Australia. They ranged from touching tributes to recently passed loved ones, to many comic puns on the word ‘swan’, the spokesperson added.

The winning names were drawn by Chief Executive of The Bishop’s Palace, Rosie Martin.

They are: Theresa Born-in-May, Attila the Swan, Swan Quixote, Gloria Swanson, William the Swan-queror, Swanny and Clyde, and Swan Wayne.

Some of the cygnets at The Bishop’s Palace in Wells – picture copyright Tristan Martin

The Bishop’s Palace is the 800-year-old home of the Bishops of Bath and Wells.

It is also home to the wells and ancient springs that give the city of Wells its name, and 14-acres of gardens.

The tradition of swans on the palace moat goes back to the 1870’s when one of Bishop Hervey’s daughters first taught the swans to ring a bell at the Gatehouse for food.

The bell has a small rope underneath, which the swans pull with their beaks.

New generations of swans learn to ring the bell from their parents and visitors from far and wide come to see the tradition.

You can find out more about the swans – and tune in to Swan Cam – on The Bishop’s Palace website.